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Born of Irish thoroughbred stock, he invites you to take a walk with a true Leprechaun

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Artslam, Bradenton, Florida


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What the readers are saying

“Kevin Mooney’s poetry is a look into the human heart. His depth of thought and personal, gut-wrenching style on loss, growth and self-understanding, evokes a strong human emotion. His material is thought-provoking, deep and sometimes dark. I always feel a spiritual foundation in his words as the prose causes me to think and question if I understand the true meaning of life. His introspective poetry illuminates a hidden corner of my soul that senses a power larger than myself, larger than life itself. I find Kevin’s ability to capture the many facets of human love, amazing! He broaches and communicates subjects of deep feeling and resolve in a way that touches the exact inner feeling of my heart and soul.”

Barbara Kimble

Corporate Senior Director of Learning & Development

“I love Kevin’s poetry.  It speaks to all of us in different ways but ultimately comes to us from a passionate spiritual man.”

Gwen Rundle

Professional Bookkeeper

“When I was younger I had a great love of poetry and the written word.  As I grew older life always seemed to get in the way for me to make time to read.  After reading Kevin’s work it sparked that passion I had when I was younger and I am back to reading poetry and finding time to enjoy it.”

Erik Remmel

CEO, Life Improvement Media

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