Happy October everyone! It has been quite an experience participating in ArtPrize here in Grand Rapids. The passersby love my “Field of Poetry”! And those that came to my “Soul Traveler” presentation left with a new perspective. They laugh, they cry, they ask questions. One woman said she was very happy to see a Poet in ArtPrize this year. I told her it was Eric Strand from the First United Methodist Church who was responsible for hosting me. Thank you, Eric! Poetry is, indeed, a difficult art to present to the public and I am glad I had this opportunity to bring poetry to those that are starving for it.

And starving they must be because someone took one of my signs!! Yes! I came to my site on Sunday morning and it was gone! The ironic part is the sign that was missing is the one I have posted on this blog; “And Let Love Answer”! I guess I should be complimented. Someone loved my “Field” so much they had to pick one, just like picking a daffodil out of someone’s garden. It took me a couple of days to get it replaced but it was not as problematic as I it could have been. In honor of the wayward sign I will put the entire poem at the end of this blog so everyone can read where the sign fit in.

But before I do that, I will remind you that my next stop is on Tuesday, at the Fountain City High School in Fountain City, IN. I am scheduled to do five sessions! More on that next week when I finally return home. Enjoy the poem!

Seven Deadly Sins

When fear knocks on the door
Disguised as False pride
Greed or Lust

Let Love answer

When fear knocks on the door
Disguised as Envy
Gluttony or Wrath

Let Love answer

And when fear knocks on the door
Disguised as Sloth

Let Love answer

For it is only fear
That holds you separate from God

And Love knows no fear