What A Year It Has Been!!!!!

Last year in September of 2014 I gave myself a deadline of March 21, 2015 to launch my publishing career with a book launch party at the Historic Venice Train Depot in Venice, Florida. The event was a huge success that has propelled me forward by leaps and bounds! The first books published are my two volume poetry series titled, “The Wandering Crane” which I took to another successful event, The Fourth Annual Venice Book Fair. Soon after, Volume II of “The Wandering Crane” series “Dance of Joy” was accepted for consideration for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry! And again, soon after that, I was invited to participate in the largest art festival in the world: ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan! If you followed my blog on my website, www.KevinMooneyPoet.com , you saw that I recreated the event template I used at my book launch party. It is a multi-dimensional art installation based on poetry titled: “A Field of Poetry” It consists of three distinct yet interconnected components: 1. A literal field of poetry with 44+ yellow yard signs emblazoned with my original poetry. 2. A poetry presentation titled, “The Soul Traveler” where I read selected poems and talk about the four major themes of my work: Love, Fear, Forgiveness and Being in the World Not of the World. 3. The two volume poetry series titled “The Wandering Crane”. ArtPrize was the highlight of my 4600+ mile “Out of the Ordinary” book tour. But there’s more! On the drive back I stopped in Fountain City, Indiana where I talked to over 150 high school students about my poetry and about life. It was a wonderful experience!

The next step is to recreate these poetry events at High Schools, Museums, Libraries, and Churches around the country. If there is one near you that might be interested, let me know and I will come visit!

Next year I plan to publish two more books! So, stay tuned to the not so boring life of a Leprechaun!

“Love Always!”