“Turning Up the Light:
Four Steps to Brighter Management”

It has been six months since I last put pen to paper, so to speak, to keep you abreast of my latest adventures. And as you know, I do not lead a boring life! Whether up or down I always see a positive movement forward rarely sitting to let life pass me by.
The most important news is that the business book I have been telling you about for many years has finally, finally gone to print on December 8th! For the past six months I have been totally focused on completing the final details of this long running project. My co-writer, Barb Kimble, and I went as far as we could with the actual writing. The process was a years long tenacious effort. In the beginning it was the creation of the characters, Margaret Manager, Emily the Excellent, and Wacky Walter. Then came the story line and the decisions on which of the many real life and true examples to include in the story. After months and years of writing and re-writing and re-writing some more, we could go no further. It was time to call in an expert: Liz Coursen. I was very fortunate to have found an expert and detailed editor in Liz to help in the final stages of the book. We could not have finished this project without her. We are very grateful!
While I was concentrating on the final edits with Liz, Barb was working with the wonderful artist I met in Grand Rapids, MI last year when I was participating in ArtPrize 7: Kevvo. Barb and he had the creative challenge to bring the characters that Barb had visualized in her head, to pen and paper. In the end we both loved the results and I expect you will as well.
At this time our book “Turning Up the Light: Four Steps to Brighter Management” is available directly through me (order through my email to save $) but it is also available on www.Amazon.com. Currently it is formatted as a soft covered book (retail price $10.99) but will be available as an e-book in the near future.
This is just a taste of what I have been up to. Stay tuned and you will get to read all about my wonderful and adventurous trip to Havana, Cuba!!!!

Happy Winter Solstice to All!!

Love Always,