Kevin Mooney 



The Story

Born of Irish thoroughbred stock, the founder of Leprechaun, Inc, Kevin Mooney, has been cavorting with the entertainment and writing world since he was a wee lad. As a youngster in the South Bronx, he was attracted to the theatre when he played an old man in a Christmas play at the age of six. He began writing in his early teens, worked his way through graduation from Marquette University with a degree in Theatre and History before the age of twenty-five and then went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Character Analysis working as a bartender at Wolski’s Tavern in Milwaukee, WI. Continuing on his course, he became the Company Manager for the Original National Touring Company of Angels in America as well as the long running hits in Chicago: Forever Plaid, & I Hate Hamlet. His personal writing has been a life-long pursuit that he has finally given up trying to shake off and finds itself manifest in the poetry series The Wandering Crane and the business book, Lead Them to Water and Teach Them to Drink.

Being a six foot tall Leprechaun, Kevin is usually asked why he is so tall when Leprechauns are supposed to be very small to be able to hide in the forest. He readily explains that when the English cut down all the trees in Ireland for their castles and churches, the Leprechauns had to evolve and get tall so they could hide, unseen, among the human population.

Then, of course, comes the second question: Where is the pot of gold? And Kevin has to explain to the uneducated questioner; “It is true that Leprechauns know where all the riches of the world are. And you may believe all those riches are gold and silver sitting in a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But I would have to tell you it is not true. For as any Leprechaun will tell you, or not, that all the riches of the world are not gold and silver but knowledge and wisdom.”

And as most people will tell you, all knowledge and wisdom must be shared. Thus came the inception of Leprechaun, Inc. It is the place “Where the Riches of the World, Thought Lost, are Found”. And just as gold is different from silver, so are the riches of knowledge and wisdom different. Some are found in poetry, some are found in business books, and still others are found in inspiration and entertainment.

You are invited now to take a walk with a Leprechaun and learn what it is you forgot you knew.